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2024-07-21, 14:31

Quartz Crystals

Quartz Crystal units  fundamental

Quartz Crystal units  3rd overtone
Quartz Crystal units  5th overtone
Quartz Crystal units  7th overtone

Monolithic Quartz Filters (MQF)

Filters 10.7 MHz

Filters 21,4 MHz
Filters 45 MHz


Monolithic Quartz cells  9-46 MHz
Crystal Monitors


Presently OMIG S.A. specializes in the production of:

  • -Quartz  Crystals in range from 1 to 210 MHz..
  • -Monolithic Quartz Filters (MQF) in range from 9 to 45 MHz .
  • -Monolithic Quartz cells in range  from 9 to 46 MHz (on fundamental).
  • -Cristal  Monitors from 5 to 10 MHz for vacuum process control and precision electronic weights.

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